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Shocking Video: 18-wheeler Crashes Into Texas School Bus

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A Texas school bus carrying 19 children suffered a terrifying collision with an 18-wheeler on Wednesday morning. The crash sent 10 students to the hospital, though thankfully no lives were lost. Watch the shocking video of the traffic accident below.

The bus was stopped at the intersection of Tucker Hill Lane and Highway 71 at about 8:00 a.m. when the light turned green. The bus driver turned right onto the highway. Conditions that morning were rainy and the road was wet. The driver of the 18-wheeler was heading westbound on Highway 71. The trucker said he had a yellow light and that tried his best to come to a stop. It was too late, however, for his brakes to stop the semi-truck. The trucker attempted a last-ditch effort to avoid the bus and hit the shoulder of the road instead, however, the truck ended up broadsiding the bus.

Video: Facebook/POTFS Trucks and Rigs

After the horrifying collision, bystanders rushed to help the injured children off the bus. According to Bastrop Independent School District, the bus was carrying students from Cedar Creek High School, Cedar Creek Middle School, and Cedar Creek Intermediate School, as well as one student from ColoradoRiver Collegiate Academy. Ambulances carried eight students to area hospitals, while two others were taken to the hospital by their parents. All their injuries were reportedly minor, according to the school district. The truck driver was uninjured.

Bastrop ISD issued a statement, which read in part: “District staff were on hand at the scene and at the hospital to support students and their families, and we will continue to provide counseling and support upon students’ return to school.”


Photo: Pixabay.com

An investigation is underway by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It has not yet been officially determined who was at fault. Drivers are cautioned to take extra care and drive slower when conditions are wet on Texas roads.