See How Shoes Can be Made From Tires in This Video From Kenya

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Earlier this month, NTD Life posted a clip to Facebook that quickly went viral with over 92 million views and 712 thousand shares of a man in Kenya personally making a custom pair of shoes from a tire for a female customer. Commenters were astounded by the creativity, craftsmanship, and resourcefulness of the shoemaker. “I’ve been in Kenya for 4.5 yrs. Believe it or not, these are very comfortable, not to mention they’ll out last any pair of ‘bought’ shoes. Out of curiosity, I tried on a pair a while ago, walked around, crouched on my haunches, etc to test them. They’re very supple/bendable & comfortable,” Charlene Geddes wrote.

The video was originally uploaded by YouTuber Daring Danielle who agrees that the shoes are surprisingly comfortable, and while they’ll last forever, they do take a while to break in due to the curve in the tires.

Danielle writes that she had the shoes made while she was on a safari trip and stopped by a Maasasi Village. “The men spoke in Kiswahili the entire time so I was not very engaged in the conversation (all the more reason for me to learn) but I had an incredible time. It’s amazing what can be created with simple tools and a great deal of imagination,” she said.