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Someone is Shooting Goats in West Texas

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A strange, sad and rather morbid happening took place in West Texas this month. Someone shot nine goats in a barn where Lubbock Independent School District students care for their animals.

Shockingly, this is not even the first time a goat shooting has taken place. Even more tragically, 29 goats were shot in the same barn only a month prior in mid-July.

When the animals were found, 10 of them had to be euthanized since they were suffering from the gunshot wound but were still alive. Only one of the injured goats lived. This fortunate goat was renamed “Miracle” by the students.

The location of this violence was the district’s Ag Barn. Students who express interest in agricultural sciences and veterinary studies help to raise the animals kept in this educational space. Many field trips are taken out to the barn in order for instructors to assist students in becoming familiar with working alongside and caring for barnyard animals.

At this time, officials have no suspects lined up to blame for the senseless crimes. Hopefully, more information is uncovered soon so the students who have cared for these goats can begin to get some closure on the strange shooting incidents.