Hill Country Character: Shotgun Willie

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If you go to the Sisterdale Saloon late afternoons, you are likely to meet this Texas Hill Country character who goes by the nickname Shotgun Willie.  You might notice that he has a hole in his head, right between the eyes, and wonder what happened. If you ask him, this is what he will tell you.

Willie lived in Houston for 30 years. Now he lives near Sisterdale.

Shotgun Willie

Photo: Robert C Deming

Willie worked for some time on a seismology crew in Abu Dhabi. His usual schedule was eight weeks on and four weeks off, and he usually spent his off time in Houston. Twenty-five years ago he was home in Houston on break when a man came up to him in a parking lot and told him to give him his money. “I told him I wanted my money more than he did, and he stuck a pistol in my face and pulled the trigger.” Willie heard the gun go off but he thought the bullet had missed him. However, soon he was in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. The paramedics asked him where he lived, and he told them Abu Dhabi. The paramedics didn’t know where that was. “Where’s that?” Willie told them it was in the United Arab Emirates, but they didn’t know where that was, either. Soon he was in front of a doctor, who asked him why his head was bleeding, and why he had a hole in his head.

“I told him that I didn’t know about a hole, that it wasn’t there yesterday.” The doctor sent him for an x-ray.  When it came back, the doctor told Willie that he had a bullet in his brain. “I told him that it wasn’t there yesterday either.” The bullet is still lodged in his brain, and Willie hasn’t been able to work since. Willie is an affable fellow and is glad to tell people his story, and is a genuine Texas Hill Country character.

Crawfish Boil at Sisterdale Saloon

Shotgun Willie crawfish
Photo: Robert C Deming

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