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Breaking News: Shots Fired at Peaceful Protest Downtown Dallas

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A peaceful protest has turned into a nightmare when a gunman opened fire near the Greyhound station in Downtown Dallas as the rally was dispersing at around 9 p.m., July 7, 2016. At least 11 officers were shot by two snipers. Officers are being transported to area hospitals. Three officers are in critical condition, two are in surgery, and three were fatally shot.

Multiple shots had been fired, scattering the protesters. Police have set up a perimeter and are keeping the public clear of the area. Not much information is available at this moment, but we do know that the protest was an act of solidarity for the families of those who had recently been involved in police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.

It is unclear if anyone else has been injured at this time. Police believe there is still an active shooter in a nearby parking garage. No suspects are in custody at this time. Please, if you are near Downtown Dallas, steer clear of the area. Live footage can be found on NBC DFW.com