Sia’s Stunning Austin Performance and Shocking Celebrity Cameos

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Sia has always been a musician to take risks. A singer/performer that steps out of the box regularly, perhaps more content outside of the box than in. Her music has been refreshing and evolving and always raw and compelling. It is no wonder then, that her November 6th performance at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX was no exception.

Sia’s style has always been off the beaten path. Quirky and fun at moments, somber and heart-wrenching at others. Some might suggest that her newer music has been more mainstream, more radio –friendly. Many would suggest her music suggests a personal evolution, from victim to empowered survivor. Juxtaposing the lyrics of a song like, “Breathe Me” with a more recent one like “The Greatest” demonstrates a shift in the use of voice and a newly defines a personal sense of power and strength. A notable shift toward dance music coupled with empowering lyrics seems to have ushered in a wider and more diverse audience. Long-term fans might feel nostalgic for her older style not captured in her newest album “Nostalgic for the Present”. Regardless of one’s take on Sia’s shifting style, it would be tough to not find value in her Austin performance. A performance that first earned acclaim at Coachella, Sia ended her tour in Austin, and it did not disappoint.

A “concert” falls short of an accurate descriptor for Sia’s performance-it was so much more. It was a visual performance that drew the audience in on so many levels. Sia stood in a corner and belted out each song in her classic raspy voice, hitting notes some singers can only dream of. Unusual perhaps, was that the star of the show was hidden behind bangs that hid her face, stood almost motionless throughout most of the show, and was cloaked in shadows for much of the performance. Front and center instead, were her dancers as well as several surprise guests. A delight many were not expecting.

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