Company Creates Silicone Wedding Bands for Active Lifestyles

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Back in 2015, Enso surpassed their Kickstarter funding goal of $12,500 to create “The Safest, Most Versatile Wedding Ring On The Planet.” The style of the Enso rings will garner polarizing responses. Some people will turn up their nose at anything that isn’t a luxurious metal with a glimmering stone, but for people who constantly take their wedding rings on and off to exercise, clean, work in the garage, or enjoy the outdoors on a hot summer day, the silicone rings are a great alternative!

According to their website, the rings are made of “lightweight, high performance silicone composite that’s hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and durable.” On their Kickstarter page, they also stated that “they’re the only rings engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology which protects your finger from ring avulsion, degloving, and amputation.” (They also say to refrain from Google image searching ring avulsion, which we can confirm is good advice.)

Enso rings can be worn at any time, all the time, and they come in an array of colors. And the best part? They’re priced around $30! Even if you’re not looking for a wedding band, the rings are a stylish statement for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about losing their precious metal rings during the sweaty summer months.

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