FDA Says Those Silver Sprinkles on Holiday Cookies Are Not Edible

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Many of us have bitten into a cookie with those small silver balls on them and thought, “This is probably OK to eat…these are in the sprinkle and baking section of the grocery store…they wouldn’t sell them if you shouldn’t eat them, right?” But according to the Huffington Post, these silver sprinkles that provide a tough crunch to Christmas cookies are really meant to be “for decoration only,” and they’re not even allowed to be sold in California.

Known as silver dragées, the tiny sweets are deemed “unsafe” by the FDA because they don’t condone silver as a color additive, even though people do consume low levels of silver each day.

As Fox 26 points out, you can still use the shiny sprinkles and simply roll them off of your dessert before consuming it, but “[silver dragées] are not considered to be in the category of a food or confectionery,” according to the FDA.

The Huffington Post writes that “the FDA is taking the cautious route,” and putting it out there that eating the sprinkles shouldn’t cause alarm unless you’re consuming “a truckload of silver balls.” But anyone who’s eaten silver dragées knows that the hard little balls aren’t always exactly delightful to bite into anyway if you’re hoping for a soft dessert!