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Simply Thankful in the Heart of Texas

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Simply Thankful in the Heart of Texas

By Spring Sault

The adage “less is more” never seemed to be a truer statement. In a time when our entire lives can be encapsulated in a tiny electronic piece of hardware not much bigger than the palm of our hand, but our hoarding habits are made larger than life on reality T.V., it often begs the question, “When is enough, enough?” If you’re partial to experiences as opposed to things, and your thankfulness extends well beyond a turkey dinner with a few family and friends, perhaps you’ll be spending your holidays in a minimalist fashion – and the Texas Hill Country has just the ticket.

Simply Thankful in the Heart of Texas

For most people, a road gets you from Point A to Point B, but in Texas Hill Country you might wind up sightseeing at Points C, D and E, antiquing at Point F, eating at Point G, and the next thing you know, you’re all over the map! With moving panoramas, expanses of rolling farmland, vineyards, dense wildflowers, and inviting towns to set a spell, you might get beautifully lost in the details (and we all know what happens when you start out on a ‘3-hour tour’!)

The Old Tunnel is just such a drive – twenty-three miles through Hill Country back roads (paved) from Comfort to Luckenbach along the former Fredericksburg and Northern Railway route. It’s doubtful you’ll see “Willie and Waylon and the boys…” but this trip mimics much of the old San Antonio-Fredericksburg Road and the rail system as it ascends the separation of the Guadalupe and Pedernales River watersheds. At the uppermost point is a long railroad tunnel which, at one time, conveyed trains under the watershed divide, but is now home to a bat colony with one million-plus residents!

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