This Loving Dad Singing to His Baby Boy Will Melt Your Heart

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New York City YouTuber Isto has over 12,000 subscribers on his page where he uploads videos of himself playing guitar and singing. His seamless and crisp guitar playing and comforting voice lead viewers to click on video after video. While his covers of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” and “I Walk the Line” are simplistically stunning, one upload, in particular, stands out.

His latest video uploaded on September 8 features his baby boy lying in his chair, looking up to his dad. We get to watch the sweet moment as Isto plays “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” directly to his son. The child smiles brightly and seems to thoroughly enjoy the serenade. It’s enough to melt anyone’s heart!

“I’ve been watching you for a good while now and this video is so personal, allowing us to see your beautiful baby! You two are the cutest and thank you for letting us view a beautiful moment! (Teared up in the eyes this is so sweet),” commenter Daisy Martinez wrote. So far, the video has around 51,000 views, but with an adorable baby like that, the clip will probably spread across the internet in no time at all.