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12 and 7-Year-Old Sisters Take Grandmother’s Car, Leads to Police Chase

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In early July, in the Conroe area, two sisters took their grandmother’s car out for a spin. Not much of a story until you realize they were only 12 and 7-years-old, and there were no adults in the car!

The two girls lead cops in a high-speed chase reaching up to 101 mph. The 12-year-old drove through several red lights and sideswiped two cars.

The car finally slowed down once OnStar was contacted. (OnStar is a subscription service for in-car security that can assist customers of with car trouble and essentially intervene with the car’s performance.)

Montgomery Police Sgt. Becky Lehn told ABC 13, “She was slowing down coming through Montgomery because OnStar took control of the vehicle. So she was slowing down probably in 50s, 60s going through and then pulled over at the high school. I believe the car stalled.”

The worried grandmother had contacted police because she thought that her grandchildren had been abducted. It was certainly shocking to learn that her missing car had been on a “joyride” turned high-speed chase instead.

Needless to say, the girls are now facing big trouble. At only 12 years old, the little girl will most likely be charged with evading arrest.