Six Flags to Start Celebrating Mardi Gras in San Antonio

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Next year, Six Flags will try something new at two of their park locations to boost attendance. Dallas News says that Six Flags experienced a lull during the heat of the summer, even though that’s normally their peak time. In fact, profits dropped 31 percent. In order to pull more people into the parks a bit earlier in the year, Six Flags is embracing the party atmosphere of Mardi Gras.

Even though Mardi Gras lands on February 28th, Six Flags is planning to run their own Mardi Gras festivities from March 24th through April 30th at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio and from March 17th through May 1st in their Mexico City location.

The Mardi Gras celebrations will include themed food, decorations, and a parade (running two times a day) of eight floats made by Kern Studios, famous authentic New Orleans float designers.

Dallas News suggests that Six Flags is hoping to draw the population in Texas who relocated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. They also noted, “The program will launch in those two parks but the company did not rule out an expansion to Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, the original Six Flags park.” Creating more themes for their parks is a low-cost way of gaining a wider audience.