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Six Flags Fiesta Texas to Shut Down One of Their Original Rides

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This week it was announced that another iconic theme park ride will close down, and unlike the “Great Movie Ride” in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this one hits is closer to home. KSAT reports that the “Power Surge” at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio will shut down permanently on Sunday. It’s one of the park’s original rides that was built in 1992.

As AttractionSpot describes it, “Power Surge” is a “flume ride just like a lot of other parks have except it has a double dip in it giving you a little airtime while going down the drop before the splash.” It features a bridge near the big drop, so onlookers can watch and risk getting soaked as the ride plummets into the water. It’s a simple, straightforward attraction nested next to a limestone quarry. Despite its pretty view, it could appear dated compared to all of the high thrill rides that populate the park.

MySA.com says that although the ride is a favorite among many who have visited the park for the past 25 years, Six Flags officials determined that it was time to retire it. They have no current plans to replace the ride or make way for a different attraction in the same area.