Six Selfless Texans Spend Their Labor Day Weekend Volunteering in Louisiana

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Over the holiday weekend, six men from Colleyville (in the Dallas-Fort Worth area) went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with the intention of volunteering to help people whose homes were damaged by the recent devastating flood waters.

Chris Clark, Justin Willingham, Ryan Bradley, Brent Hughes, Clint Wright, and Luke Hejl worked with the Church of Christ Disaster Response Team, who joined forces with the South Baton Rouge Church of Christ, to repair homes that were covered in mold. Wright even donned at hazmat suit and went underneath a home to work on the structure.

Hejl told News 8, “These houses have to be completely gutted. Most of the homeowners didn’t have any type of flood insurance, so they need everyone who has a little bandwidth in their life to find an organization to work with and come volunteer.”

He added that he hopes that people won’t forget how much help flood victims will continue to need, especially since some areas still have high flood waters and that folks will continue to help out by volunteering.

“Flood waters are no match for the strong will and passion of the people of the great state of Louisiana and I’m glad we were able to join them in the flood relief efforts,” Hejl concluded. The group set up a GoFund Me page to further their efforts.