Company Creates Luke Skywalker Landspeeder for Kids

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For parents who have shared their love of “Star Wars” with their kids, Radio Flyer might have released the greatest gift possible for Christmas or an upcoming birthday. Their new Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder looks just like the one Luke drove in the original trilogy of films.

KVUE writes that the miniature vehicle is available for pre-order now, and will be released in September 2017 for $499. “The Landspeeder’s top speed is 5 mph forward and 2 mph in reverse,” they write. Though it doesn’t hover like Luke’s did in the films, it fakes a hovering look with a small, yet sturdy, black base. The small space age vehicle is meant to hold two riders and features an interactive dashboard and paint job that looks like Luke’s aging Landspeeder.

On Radio Flyer’s website, the company says that the Landspeeder is safe for kids ages 4 and up. It weighs about 60 pounds and can hold up to 130 pounds. But, lightweight adults shouldn’t get too excited about that stat. The distance from the wheel to the back of the seat is only 15.5″ and the seat to pedal is only 18″. Check out more specs and what sounds the interactive dashboard makes here.