Sleep Doctor Explains Ideal Daily Routines by Matching People With Animal Personality

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According to the Sleep Foundation, young adults and adults between the ages of 18 – 64 need around seven to nine hours of sleep, while older adults above age 65 need about seven to eight hours. But how can one develop an individualistic daily routine that complements that sleep schedule?

Dr. Michael Breus, also known as “the Sleep Doctor” who often appeared on “The Dr. Oz Show,” says that there are animal personality types that symbolize schedules that would perfectly suit most people.

Insider explains that dolphins are early to rise and are light sleepers. Lions wake up with buckets of energy and exhaust themselves by the end of the day. Bears form their day with the rise and fall of the sun, and wolves come alive in the evening. They each end up with slightly different times to eat, work productively and exercise.


The full chart, which can be seen here, isn’t meant to dictate a person’s daily life, but it gives a nice, rounded schedule to start an individual off on a schedule that benefits their lifestyle best. It can also aid in understanding a loved one’s schedule better. For instance, let a sleeping bear get their eight hours of sleep or you’ll end up with a cranky beast!