Sleep Under the Starry Sky in This Transparent Bubble Tent

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This unique tent offers one incredible feature: its transparent bubble that lets you view the outside world from any angle you wish.

Designed by Holleyweb and available on Amazon, this bubble tent is perfect for sleeping under the stars. The 13-foot bubble is inflatable and capable of housing two people comfortably.

Waterproof and fire retardant, this tent really is the perfect option to take anywhere scenic. Think of those Hill Country sunsets at the state parks you’ll get to watch completely in your tent.

Stargazing is what this tent is made for, and all you need to purchase it is just under $2,000. While that does seem like a lot, can you just imagine the views you could take in while car camping?

Because it is waterproof, too, it would be perfect for Gulf Coast beach camping in the summertime. However, one would have to watch out for sharp rocks since it is inflatable.

The tent looks fully functional, albeit a bit silly because it is a bubble. However, I wouldn’t be more surprised if this bubble tent becomes a common sight on some especially scenic campsites. Even if it rains, you’ll still get an incredible view!