You Can Now Get a Slipcover of Your Face for Your Luggage

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Trendy online store Firebox offers everything from homeware to fudge to unusual gifts. One particularly odd object was recently highlighted on Bored Panda who called this item “genius.” For just $26 (small), $32.49 (medium), or $39 (large), customers can purchase a slip cover for their suitcase with an enlarged photo of their face on it.

“Nothing says ‘that’s my bag!’ like one with your own face on it,” Firebox writes. And they have a great point – no one will try to walk off with your bag as it goes around luggage claim, and you’ll have no problem picking your piece out of the crowd of plain black bags with little ribbons tied on them.

The product has been shared about 3,000 times across the internet, so perhaps we’ll be spotting faces printed on spandex covering bags all over the airport. Firebox suggests that you can print your own face for the cover, or you can choose to upload a photo of a friend. It’s hard to say which is the weirder choice, but if you want to spread smiles in the airport and have people sneaking photos of your odd luggage for their Instagram accounts, it’s the perfect item to add to your travel accessories collection.