Slow Cooker Dr Pepper & BBQ Roast Beef: A Great Sunday Dinner

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How Texan is your cooking repertoire? Is it slow-cooker-Dr-Pepper-and-barbecue-roast-beef Texan? If not, it soon will be! The concept of cooking with Dr Pepper is nothing new to those in and from the Lone Star State. And barbecue in Texas is even more popular; so much so, it’s almost a food group in and of itself. Combining the two for an amazing meal has to be the sort of thing a book on the great chefs of Texas would include!

Shared on the Big Bear’s Wife website, Slow Cooker Dr Pepper and Barbecue Roast Beef is said to be a great Sunday meal. For those who are looking to make it day of rest, ending with a traditional dinner and some downtime before starting their work week, you’ll appreciate that this meal practically prepares itself. The slow cooker, in effect, does much of the work. The ingredient list is uncomplicated, and the preparation time is quite minimal. The cooking time is set at four hours so, whichever time you’re planning on serving this for Sunday dinner, backtrack at least that much time in advance in order to gauge when to begin.

Slow Cooker Dr Pepper and Barbecue Roast Beef

Slow Cooker Dr Pepper & BBQ Roast Beef: A Great Sunday Dinner


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Dr Pepper

Barbecue Sauce

1 Beef Roast


The Big Bear’s Wife page says that the slow cooker temperature in this recipe is set to “low.” It also notes that the crockpot in question is a 6-8-quart size, and the roast is, therefore, sized accordingly. Comments with respect to variations on the recipe include the use of Coca-Cola, but then how Texan is that? We’re just poking fun at you. You can use whichever you prefer. However, the Dr Pepper does tend to lend a unique flavor to it which Coca-Cola doesn’t achieve.

The likelihood that your friends and family will eat this up in a heartbeat and ask for seconds is high. Be prepared to have an empty crockpot when all is said-and-done, in addition to no leftovers. Sunday dinner is usually well-attended, and to prepare a dish that speaks of Texas in more ways than one isn’t a bad approach to take. Not only will your family appreciate the effort, you won’t have to let them know it took little of your own time on what’s traditionally known as a day of rest.