Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate Oatmeal: Enticing Kids & Pleasing Parents

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Of all the absolutely brilliant food pairings that have ever been developed, one that makes complete good sense is that of oatmeal and hot chocolate. And when prepared in a slow cooker, all the better for saving you time and energy, while preparing something that’s healthy and tasty to get you out the door and starting your day off right.

The quick-prep food gurus at Pillsbury, who have for years been coming up with fantastic recipes in which to incorporate their products, have developed this recipe that includes their expert tips as well as the nutrition information, which you might be interested in if you’re working towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it make a great, warm bowl of something hearty to kick-off the day, but you can top it with some wonderful dessert-type treats that might entice you even further. Chocolate chips and added brown sugar serve double duty in both the taste and looks department for this dish. For those chilly Texas autumn and winter mornings, this could be the ticket for getting you geared up for your work or school day!

Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate Oatmeal

Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate Oatmeal: Enticing Kids & Pleasing Parents


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Steel-Cut Oats

Instant Cocoa Mix



The Pillsbury website provides all the ingredient amounts and the steps to making this delicious breakfast mainstay. If your kids weren’t fans of oatmeal in the first place, this may just be the hook that will reel them to the table and ensure they get a flavorful yet healthy breakfast without a huge fuss.