Throwing a Hammer at a Mirror Creates That Ripple Effect in ‘The Matrix’

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The Slow Mo Guys have gone viral with their latest video featuring a hammer thrown against a pane of glass. The video already has over 2 million views, and the only bit of explanation in the description box mysteriously says, “The Matrix is real.”

Like they do for all of their videos, Gav and Dan filmed the scene in HD on high-speed cinema cameras. When they slow the video down a bit, nothing seems too out of the ordinary. Once the duo brings the film to a crawl at 120,000 frames per second, things start to get more intriguing. Viewers can clearly see shockwaves vibrating through the pane of glass before it breaks. It looks like Hollywood magic (like the helicopter scene from “The Matrix”) but it’s simply reality slowed down.


This isn’t the first time The Slo Mo Guys have impressed YouTube viewers. Their channel already has over 8.4 million subscribers with over 997 million views on their videos combined. They’ve executed some beautiful ideas like putting paint on a spinning drill and watching fling bold colors onto a canvas, and less than pretty attempts like the appropriately titled, and strangely entertaining, Slow Mo Gargling Uvula.”