Wasp Interrupts Girls’ Selfies in Hilarious Video

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This trending YouTube video will feel instantly relatable to anyone who fears a wasp. A teen girl was just filming herself making faces in slow-motion, when all of a sudden a terrifying flying monster appeared!

Her friend in the backseat noticed it well before she did, but she didn’t make the guttural cry all of us want to make when we see something we’d rather avoid. Funnily, the video never shows the wasp, just the slow realization of its presence.

Even though it was uploaded a year ago, the original video recently became viral and shot up to over 1.4 million views. Perhaps the popularity of this video stems from the fact it’s summertime and more wasps are populating porches, yards (and even more frightening, cars and houses.)

Though we logically know that leaving wasps alone most likely means they’ll leave us alone, the over-the-top reaction is still fun to witness.