Get Ready for Small Business Saturday in the Hill Country

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Get your wallets ready for the second shopping day you may not have heard about. Yes, everyone knows about Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving, but what about Small Business Saturday? You can support local businesses and their owners by embracing this day for your holiday shopping.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Shop in downtown Fredericksburg for Small Business Saturday

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Small Business Saturday is a day to dedicate your shopping to the little mom-and-pop companies in your hometown. The Texas Hill Country is filled with these. Just travel to the main street in almost any town in the area. From Fredericksburg to Llano to Boerne, you’ll find small, independently owned businesses where you can get your gifts for the season.

Creation of the Day

American Express started Small Business Saturday in 2010

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Believe it or not, this holiday promoting small companies was created by a large corporation. In 2010, American Express (yes, the credit card) began a campaign to encourage its cardholders to shop at small businesses that also accept its card. The following year, the United States Senate offered a resolution to promote the day. Today, all 50 states have businesses that participate. While you can choose to shop at any small business in the Hill Country, some will offer special discounts or promotions as part of their participation in the event.

How to Participate

Shop at small businesses like Dienger Trading Company in Boerne for Small Business Saturday

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to help out your local businesses, skip the big box stores on Saturday or shop at those on Black Friday. Unlike chain stores, most small businesses won’t open at the crack of dawn, so check the hours before going, and call ahead or visit websites to see if the businesses will offer any special discounts. If not, you’ll still feel good for helping those in your hometown to keep their businesses afloat in an ever-increasingly competitive market. When you shop on Small Business Saturday, you’ll support the local economy and find unusual gifts you won’t get anywhere else.

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