Small is the New Big – Texas Hill Country Tiny Houses Taking the Market By Storm

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Living large has always been synonymous with Texas. And why not? Everything is big in Texas, right? Wrong. The tiny house revolution is hitting Texas with a capital ‘T’, and Hill Country is no exception! Here are some fine examples of downsized homes with upsized finishes and conveniences you’ll drool over. No longer considered a ‘granny flat’ concept, but a way of living the good life, Texas Hill Country tiny homes are a market to reckon with!

“Bestie Row”



Considered the talk of the town as far as the internet goes, this compound of sorts was featured on, and, heralded as a conservation and environmentally-friendly small housing concept. Commissioned by Fred Zipp (former editor of ‘Austin-American Statesman’ for 32 years) and his wife Jodi as retirement homes for his family and three other couples, the group partnered with Austin-based architect Matt Garcia to design each at approximately 350 square feet. Their neighborhood is nestled alongside the Llano River and has been dubbed “Bestie Row” for the group’s long-time friendship, having all lived in Austin for approximately 20 years.

Small House, Big Country Charm



A tiny Texas Hill Country cottage may be just what you’re looking for in simpler living with large impact. As a newly graduated university student, a small family, an executive looking for peace of mind, or an upcoming retiree, the small house movement can complete the living style and cycle that doesn’t necessarily cramp your budget, nor your expectations. Not only are the construction and home maintenance costs considered reasonable, but the environment footprint (which many are now cognizant of when looking at construction) is a size that doesn’t throw a wrench in the plans. Austin-based builder, Kanga Room Systems has been credited with numerous Texas Hill Country tiny house projects and continues to deliver on high-quality, prefab wood for standalone units featuring a variety of cabin models. These homes can be built by the owner or by the company – options that are being offered now by several small house developers throughout Texas, such as and

Try Before You Buy


Unsure as to whether small house living is your style? Why not try the tiny house revolution in bite-sized pieces? Renting a Texas Hill Country tiny house on or is just a hop, step and a mouse-click away. Park models, cabins and cottages, and full-blown homes are up for rent for a weekend, a week, even a month, depending on your preference, allowing you to get a taste for the THC tiny home lifestyle in increments so you’re not taking a big leap! And reading more about your plans before you make them could also help you make your decision. There are a number of Hill Country tiny house living blogs that will do the trick, such as,, and Happy Texas Hill Country tiny house hunting!