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A Small Plane Flipped Upside-Down at a Houston-Area Airport

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On Wednesday morning at La Porte, Texas’ regional airport on W. Main near N. Farrington, a small private plane was spotted flipped over in a grassy field. KHOU says that it had rolled into the field and then toppled until it was upside-down, quite a ways away from the runway.

Chron.com writes that authorities were notified at 11:25 a.m., but amazingly, no one was injured during the incident, and the pilot was able to get out and walk away from the small plane. Even though the plane looked rather filthy from flipping over in the mud, it still appeared intact, as if it were just taking a nap on its back on the grass.

The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Working Group (ARFF) posted about the incident on their website, but they say there’s no word yet on what caused the accident to occur.

Of course, once the news was posted to Facebook, commenters couldn’t let the incident go quietly without a few jabs. “Still better than flying United‬,” ‪Scott Disiere‪ wrote on KHOU 11 New’s post. “Glad the pilot is ok but their underwear…probably a different story,” Jarrett Frank added.