Cisco, Texas: Small Town Life With a Big History

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Welcome to Cisco, Texas, where small-town comfort comes chalk full of history and booming with new businesses that call this former ghost town home in its newfound glory. Located 100 miles west of Fort Worth, Cisco rolls out the red carpet welcoming all to be their guest as they learn about the history that makes this little town stand out. It’s Home to one of the best Texas coffee shops around and a must stop for beer enthusiasts to enjoy there newest brewery. It’s the place where hotel icon legend, Conrad Hilton, would start his chain of hotels. The YouTube video below highlights this auspicious piece of history surrounding its Mobley Hotel, and how it was Hilton’s first in his legacy of chain hotels around the world today.

A little town with a big heart waiting to entice you into its welcoming atmosphere of growing business ventures. Waverly’s Coffee and Gifts is “a cozy refuge in the center of this newly percolating community,” shared the January 2018 issue of “Texas Highways.” They make the coffee from scratch, and with names like the “Texpresso” its sure to wake up your taste buds. “A coffee shop that sells food rather than a restaurant that sells coffee,” shared the owner Sean Grose with “Texas Highways.”

Not to be left out, beer enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to its newest brewery, Red Gap Brewing Co. which opened its doors in 2017. The Spotted Zebra is a local boutique with a charming atmosphere, and tin ceilings offering unique fashions, and home decor. Lela Latch Lloyd Museum will take you back in time as it has on display artifacts from as far back as 1909.

Probably, the most interesting bit of history happened in 1919 when hotelier Conrad Hilton took over the Mobley Hotel that would be the start of his legacy of hotel chains around the world. “In 1980, the Mobley became the Conrad Hilton Center,” shares “Texas Highways.” A museum now encompasses the space sharing the history of Cisco’s past, and the legacy of Hilton.

For more about this quintessential small town with its storied past and quaint new ventures visit www.cityofcisco.com.