‘Smart’ Tattoos Can Communicate with Your Phone

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MIT researchers recently dreamed up and developed Duoskin, technologically-smart tattoos that are functional, customizable and beautiful.

The Duoskin’s circuit design is drawn out on the computer. (The geometric designs really do create sharp and fashionable tattoos.) From there, printers cut out the shape on tattoo paper with gold leafing to make it look good while maintaining functionality. After adding a NFC chip, the tattoo can be applied like a regular temporary tattoo.

Wearers can touch the tattoo like a trackpad to communicate with a computer or use it to pull data from. According to Click2Houston, “The tattoo could be used to pause a song on a phone or even monitor the user’s heartbeat during a workout…Prototypes cost less than $175 to build.” Since they’re potentially affordable and very visually appealing, we might soon spot these smart tattoos in action while being worn by the tech savvy and the stylish.

For those who aren’t interested in controlling their mobile devices with a tattoo, perhaps a thermochromic tattoo that changes color with one’s mood will entice them. This fun temporary tattoo also designed by MIT researchers can be seen in the video below as a rose changing color from pink to yellow.