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Texas Smog Projected to Result in Over 100K Asthma Attacks and Missed School Days

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Environmental nonprofit Clean Air Task Force published a report that claims by 2025, smog from oil and gas pollution will cause children to miss 105,000 school days and suffer 140,000 asthma attacks. They say it will also send 300 Texans to the ER.

This is the first report of its kind to focus on harm done to the ozone from oil and gas stemming from industrial sites and cars and its impact on the respiratory system. According to the Texas Observer, researchers used a computer simulation to “estimate asthma attacks during a five month period in 2025 when ozone levels are typically high if the oil and gas industry continued to emit pollutants. They then compared the negative health outcomes under this scenario to one in which there were no emissions from the oil and gas industry.” The study also considered how these pollutants travel through the air for miles.

Clean Air Task Force’s report is coming out at a time when Texas is pushing back against Federal regulations about smog levels, as state officials say the rise in smog isn’t necessarily harmful.

In regards to the report, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality contacted the Texas Observer to say that “the authors of the report did not cite the sources of data for staff to fully evaluate the report. The report also failed to take the agency’s steps to reduce emissions from the oil and gas industry into consideration.” Only time will tell what becomes of this issue.