S’mores for All Seasons: Tips From Joanna Gaines

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The fact that every Texas summer generally brings back fond memories of sitting around a campfire isn’t lost on us. We love camping in the Texas Hill Country and beyond. Just as much as the next Texan, we enjoy our backyard firepits as well, and that usually entails some outdoor cooking in the process. But when the meal is all said-and-done, the dessert takes center-stage. Nine times out of ten, that will be s’mores. And Joanna Gaines knows a thing or two about that.

Shared on, the blog curated by Joanna Gaines, Indoor + Outdoor S’mores are a treat that can be had either in the great outdoors, or within the comforts and confines of home. So, for those of you who love all the taste but don’t necessarily love all the “outdoors,” this is for you. Although a recipe generally calls for food ingredients, one key ingredient to this is experiencing it with family and friends. It seems that the joy of loving s’mores is sharing it with others. Can you image sitting around a fire by yourself, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and then trying to have a good time knowing that you’re the only one who’ll be eating them? Oh wait… Well, maybe that last part is an alright scenario for some, but for others, the concept of summertime fun with a group is the best kind. Now you can take the process indoors for those temperamental Texas weather days.

Indoor + Outdoor S’mores

S’mores for All Seasons: Tips From Joanna Gaines

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Key ingredients for this recipe include:



Graham Crackers

Toppings (such as peanut butter cups, caramels, raspberries, and strawberries)


Joanna Gaines has designed a life in Waco, Texas, which her throngs of fans swoon over. She has spent countless hours sharing with her devoted followers all of the things that make a house not just a home, but a happy and beautifully decorated one. Through Magnolia, the company established with her husband Chip, the home renovation and décor power couple of the Lone Star State has been able to establish and grow a lifestyle to which many people aspire. With that, the inclusion of a cookbook, and recipes such as Indoor + Outdoor S’mores, has been the next and best logical step. The recipe, including Joanna’s insightful blog post, is available at the link provided here. If you do nothing else but review the options they provide for how to make this traditionally outdoor treat an indoor one, you’ll have learned something new, and perhaps will attempt to make your own Texas traditions using this as a foundation. Here’s to marshmallow roasting!