Snapchat’s Filters Aren’t Just For Human Faces Anymore

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Many adults are only now catching on to the social media app Snapchat that high school kids have loved for years. The messages self destruct after they’re played, allowing people to make silly, unfiltered and quick messages to their followers.

The best part of the app are the lenses one can use to manipulate their face. With one swipe, the user can suddenly sport cartoon dog ears and a nose, and once they open their mouth in reality, an animated tongue will hang out on the screen. Now, Snapchat wants to add more than just ways to manipulate one’s face.

PC Mag says that the new World Lenses allow users to use the back-facing camera on their phone to “alter the scenery around you.” Anyone who downloaded the Pokemon Go app will recognize the idea of augmenting reality through their phone screen. Like the Pokemon that popped up on the sidewalk, these filters change the way you see the world for a moment.

TechCrunch adds, “Some World Lenses will actually animate your face too, and can have different effects depending on if you use your front- or rear-facing camera.” The rainbow puking cloud looks especially cute.