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Visit SnoBall Loco in Dallas Area for One of a Kind Snow Cones

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“Even before we met each other, we wanted to do this,” Shannon Alanz told WFAA about her business with Donte Mozee in Irving, Texas. The two always dreamed of opening their own snow cone stand, and now, they own SnoBall Loco, a trailer where they offer a large selection of snow cone flavors.

SnoBall Loco’s flavors range from well-known favorites like cherry, bubble gum, and bahama mama, to more unique choices like mangonada, sal y limon, and piccadilly. According to their sign, the toppings is where Snoball Loco really stands out. Their options include “cream, chilly, chamoy, rainbow jelly, jelly pop, koolaid pickles, dill pickles, and vanilla ice cream.” From photos uploaded on their Instagram, one can see how excitingly decorated the snow cones look once they’re “dressed up.”

Alanz and Mozee’s commitment to making cool cones has impressed customers. Leanne Johnson wrote, “Me and my daughter loved our snow cones , they were cute and really flavorful! The bubblegum one was much loved by Mackenzie she was saying ‘omg this is so delicious’ the whole way to the park lol”

SnoBall Loco will eventually have a storefront, but for now, they’re available in a trailer at 800 N Beltline Rd. in Irving from 2 to 9 p.m. every day.

Cherry Chamoy MakAttack 🤔 how do you order your SnoBall?

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Don't forget to grab you a bag of Loco Koolaid pickles 😋

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Mangonada with Kool-Aid pickles , have some fun getting Loco creating a SnoBall 😜 Open until 9 PM

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Swing by for Loco Happy hour today from 5-6 PM $1off each size when you show us this post 😋

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Thank you @depro_xo!!!! For coming to check us out and supporting SnoBall Loco!!!!

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