Snow White Celebrates 80th Anniversary This Holiday Season

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The beloved Disney princess Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs celebrates the film’s 80th anniversary this holiday season. To commemorate this auspicious celebration, Saks Fifth Avenue will honor the anniversary across its 41 stores with everything from clothing, to accessories, to holiday gift ideas inspired by this timeless classic.

“We’re trying to keep our cool over here at Disney Style HQ with this exciting announcement!” shared style.disney.com. Not only will you find an array of Snow White gift ideas, but Saks Fifth Avenue is also paying tribute through its beautiful window displays at its flagship store in New York. The holiday window was unveiled in November to the thrill of generations of fans old and young alike as you can view in the YouTube video below.

The amazing craftsmanship of this beautiful window display comes to life as it celebrates the classic animated film that was a favorite princess of many, including this reporter.

“It’s been 80 years since Walt Disney astonished the world with the first-ever full-length animated feature, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has remained an audience favorite ever since. Bringing Snow White and her story to Saks’ holiday campaign is a terrific opportunity to honor the film’s legacy, and give fans a new way to make this classic part of their celebrations.” shared Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media shared on style.disney.com.

Whether you’re new to this old classic and her charm or recalling fond memories of the beautiful princess and her unusual pals each with their own characteristics, Snow White is a long-standing beauty that is sure to continue being a beloved princess for years to come.