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Texan Asks Museum if Solar Eclipse Could be Postponed

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News outlets like Chron.com, MLive, and Bored Panda jumped on a Texan’s recent internet snafu. On the Facebook event page for a free event held by the Perot Museum on the day of the Great American Solar Eclipse, someone asked a wildly ridiculous question: “Most kids go back to school that day. Can it be done on the weekend?”

It appears that the original post was quickly deleted, probably after the onslaught of comments from people who couldn’t believe that someone would ask if a solar event could be rescheduled. But once the content went viral, the event page went crazy with jokes about attempting to reschedule a super rare occurrence.

“I can reschedule the eclipse to April 8th, 2024, but that’s the best I can do. Sorry for the inconvenience,” Dan Atreides Haskell wrote. “Okay, don’t reschedule the day, but at least hold it at night,” Bill Tjaden quipped. “Hey! Can we maybe reschedule this event? It’s on my guinea pig’s birthday,” Christopher Scott joked.

But out of the multitude of comments on one person’s mistake, commenter Mary Goodson had a refreshingly forgiving perspective. “I hope that poor woman has a good sense of humor. Clearly she (and others) thought this was a program ABOUT the eclipse. I can so easily see myself having that same misunderstanding,” Goodson wrote.