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The Solution to 1974 Disappearances Could Soon Rise From a Texas Lake

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Almost 44 years after the disappearance of three girls from Fort Worth, their families could finally be getting some answers they’ve been looking for. Rusty Arnold, brother to Rachel Arnold Trlica, has been on a quest to determine what happened leading up to the 1974 disappearance of his sister and two other girls. What comes out of a Fort-Worth-area lake may help him solve the mystery at last.

Arnold was 11 when his 17-year-old sister left to go Christmas shopping. It was December 23, 1974. With Rachel were Lisa Renee Wilson, her 14-year-old friend, and Julie Ann Moseley, then 9-years-old. None of them was ever seen again. In the decades since, Arnold has remained determined to discover the truth, refusing to give up his quest. He believes it’s liekly the girls went with someone they trusted. He’s continued searching privately over the past four decades. Arnold created a website for the purpose of bringing light to the story and sourcing any clues. After conducting searches at a number of sites throughout Texas, most recently Arnold has come to Benbrook Lake, southwest of Fort Worth. The body of water holds three submerged cars and, perhaps, answers for three grieving families.

The Solution to 1974 Disappearances Could Soon Rise From a Texas Lake

Phot0: Facebook/Tina Calhoun

In an interview with the Star-Telegram, Arnold stated that his volunteers were interested in one particular vehicle. He believes that one of the three submerged cars belongs to a “person of interest” in the matter and someone who was an acquaintance of the girls. Arnold went on to claim that at the time the girls vanished, this person’s vehicle also went missing. The person of interest, Arnold said, lived within five miles of the lake. A friend of Arnold’s was able to use sonar, coming across the vehicles in Benbrook Lake. However, Arnold hasn’t disclosed in any interviews what brought him to the point of focusing on such a scenario.

It has been reported that a group of divers is making efforts to raise the three vehicles in September, in search of clues that may be related to the girls’ disappearance. Arnold stated that police have notified him there isn’t enough evidence which would justify their presence for the raising of the submerged vehicles. Subsequently, he and other volunteers raised $10K in donations to cover the expenses of North Texas Marine Salvage & Recovery to complete the task. After four decades of mystery, this September might bring the solution that Arnold’s been searching for.