Sophia Sings Dolly: 2-Year-Old Belts Out ‘Jolene’ Playing at Home

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Two-year-old Sophia is a huge fan of country music superstar Dolly Parton. In particular, this adorable country “mini-me,” loves Dolly’s hit song “Jolene,” and belts the song out while she plays alone at home.

In a Facebook video post that went viral, Sophia’s mom, Brooke Kingsley, shows viewers how Sophia sings along to the country classic while sitting and playing in her room. In an interview with FOX 17, Kingsley said, “She’s always been very vocal. I was actually just finishing cleaning the house and I could hear her in the playroom singing so I was like, ‘okay, I think she must be singing a little song,’ so I just kind of turned on my phone and kind of just walked in there and she was just singing ‘Jolene’ by herself.”

Sophia’s love of the song comes as no surprise to her proud parents, who say that the toddler has been brought up around it. They are, however, surprised over the popularity of the video, having posted it December 17, 2016, and having it viewed more than 6 million times! It’s also had more than 100,000 shares and received 35,000 comments to date, noting how happy people are to simply see something so cute.