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$100K House Fire in South Austin Caused by BBQ Hungry Pup

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A house fire in South Austin, totaling over $100,000 in damages, is believed to be caused by the family’s hungry dog who just wanted some barbecue.

On Willers Way, a house fire broke out on Saturday while no members of the family were home. It’s believed that family dog, a Labrador retriever, who was home, hopped onto the stove to eat some barbecue that was left out while the family was gone. In doing so, the pup turned a stovetop burner on.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that the family told the Austin Fire Department that the dog has accidentally turned the stove on in the past.  The hungry pup was rescued and resuscitated by firefighters and emergency officials, but was sent to a veterinary hospital and is currently in serious condition.

The fire ended up causing “$75,000 in damages to the two-story home and $25,000 in damage to contents of the home,” and two people have been displaced by the fire.

On Saturday afternoon, the fire was put out safely and friends and family of the homeowners were spotted moving out items and trying to salvage what they could from the smoky mess.