South Dallas Mall Gets Complete Make-Over

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The Southwest Center Mall in South Dallas has been struggling to stay afloat for a while. Now, plans are set to completely revamp the 80-acre area to transform it into a successful mixed-use venture. The mall itself is 40 years old, and it’s newer name, Southwest Center Mall, somehow never caught on. Instead, Dallas residents often refer to it as Red Bird Mall, its name in 1975. The make-over will have the center returning to its old moniker.

Dallas News says that the updates will begin in early 2018 and continue on until a hotel, “tech incubator,” offices, park areas and apartments are built among the stores and restaurants. The new entrance to the core of the mall will be the Macy’s (which is planning to close its doors soon.)

The design group working on the project, Omniplan, is accustomed to going after ambitious projects. They planned the building for the Dallas Holocaust Museum, which required them to consider the emotional impact of the structure as well as its functionality. The Oakbrook Center, on the other hand, had the company pondering how to infuse a sense of community into one of the largest shopping centers in the Chicago area. Successful projects like these should let Dallas residents know that the future of the Red Bird Mall is in good hands.