South Texans Sing Corrido of Their Order in Whataburger Drive-Thru

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We’ve seen a lot of funny things happen in the drive-thru of Whataburger, but these South Texans singing their order as a corrido may just be our favorite.

Aaron Burris, of Roma, and his friends like to give their late-night Whataburger runs a musical twist.

A couple years ago, the guys recorded a couple of videos of them singing their order in the drive-thru. The videos recently went viral after they were reposted on the Area956 Facebook page at the end of May.

In this video Barrio and his buddies pull up to the order microphone in their truck equipped with a guitar and accordion. The lyrics of the song call for a Bacon & Cheese Whataburger, a Triple Meat Whataburger and a regular Whataburger with cheese. At the end of the song the guys ask if she got the order, and she responds with “$21.”

Here’s another clip of the guys rolling up to the window and singing out of the bed of their pickup truck.

These guys have some talent!