For A-MAIZE-ing Family Fun This Fall, Visit the South Texas Maize

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Located on the Graff 7A Ranch in Hondo, in the Texas Hill Country, the South Texas Maize takes agritainment to a whole new level! Over 19 years, the ranch has developed their seasonal corn and all the fall-time accouterments that one can imagine in an agritourism business. What started out as a blessed idea back in 2001 has turned into an a-maize-ing experience for Ken and Laurie Graff, who are 5th generation Hill Country ranchers. Their property has since hosted thousands of people for a maze that’s now become a fall tradition here in Texas.

For A-MAIZE-ing Family Fun This Fall, Visit the South Texas Maize

Photo: Instagram/photo.r0b

Following the death of Ken Graff’s father, he and his wife Laurie were looking at the possibility of having to sell part of their acreage to benefit his mother. They were in the midst of a severe drought, the price of hay was high, and maintaining the ranch together with caring for his mom was proving to be difficult. That’s when Laurie saw an article in “Progressive Farmer” that caught her eye. It was about corn mazes in Europe and how well they were being attended. At the time, the Graff 7A Ranch was already entertaining tour groups from San Antonio, focusing on the development of their beef business and the ranch in general. One of the tour members wrote to the Graffs from their home state of Pennsylvania, thanking them for the phenomenal meal and entertainment on their property, and with that, she included pictures of corn mazes in her area. It then struck Laurie that this was an opportunity which might go hand-in-hand with their focus.

For A-MAIZE-ing Family Fun This Fall, Visit the South Texas Maize

Photo: Facebook/Graff 7A Ranch

She researched out of Orem, Utah, which was recognized as the largest corn maze design and consulting company in the U.S., and reached out to their firm for guidance. The Graffs joined the company as a corn maze provider, accessing the industry notebooks, inspiration, and manual that came with the deal, and in 2001, they set out to produce their very first South Texas Maize. As blessed as the idea was, the first year met with disaster when a tornado came through and wiped out the Graffs’ hard work. Did they let that stop them? Not even close! In 2002, they were back at it, with bigger and better ideas, and hope for a brighter future. That year they attracted 10,000 people to their maze, and it’s grown to 65,000 in their busiest year!

For A-MAIZE-ing Family Fun This Fall, Visit the South Texas Maize

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Although the weather dictates the crowds, the actual planning for the South Texas Maize is a huge undertaking. The entire Graff family helps out and takes time to develop a new design each year. This year’s event is taking place from September 21 – November 30, 2019. It promises to be a fun-filled, family-focused adventure the likes of which the Hill Country hasn’t experienced yet! Its intricate design, with the addition of hayrides, the MatterCorn Slide Mountain, a Twin Cow Train, Cowboy Ken’s Kiddie Korral, a hay bale jump, and something called Colin’s Cluckers and the Whacky Whizzer, there’s sure to be something for everyone. There’s even unlimited jumping on two Corn Pop-Poppers!

For A-MAIZE-ing Family Fun This Fall, Visit the South Texas Maize

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The Graff 7A Ranch also hosts special events at the South Texas Maize, including Heroes and Veteran’s Day weekends, Dog Dayz events, trick roping, helicopter rides, and a Dia de los Muertos event on Saturday, November 2, 2019. For all family activities and special event details, click on the link available here to visit the South Texas Maize website.

This year, the South Texas Maize has a season which is extended to the end of November, allowing for families to plan a visit to this one-of-a-kind Hill Country gem. Get your family and friends together, bring your best doggie pal to this family ranch, and enjoy a fun-filled day at South Texas Maize. Visit their website for hours of operation and updates regarding closure due to inclement weather, and check out their contests and special events! It makes for a great stop in Hondo, and just one more great reason to visit the Texas Hill Country this fall.