Southern Fried Pies: Any Way You Make Them, They’re Delicious!

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Southern fried pies are a treat some folks have long remembered being made at home. Here in Texas, we’ve done so using homemade pie crust, biscuit dough, and even tortillas. But you can also use pastry sheets from the store or even canned biscuits. Either way, it’s the texture of the pastry you’re going for, be it flaky pie crust, or tender biscuit dough.

Making these Southern fried pies will require your pastry of choice to be rolled out nice and thin. You’ll want roughly 12 four-inch rounds. Although the generations that came before us may have been troubled with spending and the storage of preserves (having possibly only used dried fruits at one time), we can go ahead and use fresh apples, even peaches, or whatever fruit we so choose. A Southern fried pie recipe from Deep South Dish makes use of the former, in particular, Granny Smith. Approximately two cups of chopped apples are stewed in butter and sugar for 15–20 minutes. From there, they’re removed from the heat, after which brown sugar, cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg are added. Then they’re set aside to cool. If you’re wondering about consistency, they should resemble chunky applesauce. Other recipes for this traditional southern delicacy can easily be found online.

Southern Fried Pies: Any Way You Make Them, They’re Delicious!

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While they’re cooling, prepare your pastry of choice. Roll it out and cut it into rounds, as identified above. Lightly sprinkle them with sugar and then refrigerate them until you’re able to put your fried pies together. In doing so, put a one-tablespoon dollop of the apple filling on each round. Fold the pastry over, press it around the edges, crimp with a fork, and place them on a lightly-floured plate. This will go in the fridge for approximately 10 minutes to cool. Last but not least, these little guys can now be pan fired, deep fried, or baked. If you’re frying them, drain them on a piece of paper towel to remove any excess grease. Then sprinkle them with sugar. Use granulated if you’re doing so right out of the pan or fryer, or you can use powdered sugar if you let them cool a bit. Then these southern fried hand pies are ready to enjoy!