Southside Market & Barbeque: A Texas Institution 135 Years Strong

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All Photos Courtesy of Southside Market & Barbeque

Sitting right outside of Austin, in a region of the state known for its rolling hills, springtime wildflowers, and the best barbeque in the country, sits Elgin, Texas. Elgin is fondly referred to as the “Sausage Capital of Texas,” and for very good reason. Elgin is also home to , an institution that has provided perfectly smoked meats to much of the Texas Hill Country for 135 years.

Smoking Meats and Delighting Texans Since 1882

Southside Market was started by William Moon in 1882 when Moon began raising and slaughtering animals on FM 1704 in Elgin. Moon carried the meat into town by horse-drawn wagon and sold it door-to-door. As was the case before refrigeration, he had to sell it fresh or lose it to spoilage. As a result, Moon began smoking and barbecuing his meats, and the rest is history. Moon continued his popular butcher and meat-smoking business until he sold it in 1908 to Lee Wilson, who continued to serve the Elgin community as the small town butcher shop that sold BBQ in the back.

Famous for the Elgin “Hot Guts” Sausage

The current owners of , Bryan & Rachel Bracewell, are the third generation of Bracewells to run the Southside Market. The Bracewell family originally purchased Southside in 1968 and have helped the business to make a name for itself throughout Texas and beyond. In fact, when native Texans, Ernest and Adrene Bracewell bought Southside Market & BBQ in 1968, Mr. Bracewell delivered meats to area grocers, including a then small H. E. Butt Grocery Co. He also offered Southside’s homemade Elgin Hot Sausage to the stores, and the Elgin Hot Gut legend began to grow.

Available at Local Grocery Stores and Online

These days, the products are available at many local grocery stores, online, or in their restaurants in . People travel for miles to get a taste of this authentic Texas barbecue, from the oldest BBQ joint in the state. Since 1882, not much has changed about the way that is serving up sausage, and the BBQ is just the way that William Moon intended it to be — freshly made and purely Texan.

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