Southside Market & Barbeque’s Sausage Is a Perennial Texas Favorite

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Central Texas is famous for (among other things) its food. Many of these foods are a direct reflection of the area’s German and Czech influences. In the 1800s Germans and Czechs arrived by the boatload to Galveston and then traveled onward to the Texas Hill Country, where many settled to farm. The foods and flavors that these cultures brought to Texas from their homelands continue to delight to this day. One item that is a perennial favorite in the hill country is sausage.

A Method of Preserving Meat

The word “sausage” is derived from the Latin, salsus, meaning “salted.” In the days before refrigeration, in order to keep meat from going to waste, it had to be preserved. Turning meat into sausage enabled Texans to keep meat on hand longer to more easily feed their families.

One place in the Hill Country that is famous for their sausage is , located in Elgin, Texas. Southside Market got its start in 1882 when William Moon began selling his smoked sausage out of a wagon in Elgin. Fast forward 135 years and Southside Market has made a name for itself throughout the state and beyond.

Producing Nearly 2 Million Pounds of Sausage a Year in Elgin

still manufactures all of their sausages in Elgin, Texas (located outside of Austin). Elgin is a small, central Texas town that, in addition to being known as “The Sausage Capital of Texas,” is also referred to as, “The Brick Capital of the Southwest.” (Elgin is the proud home to three major brick manufacturing companies.) Luckily, Southside Market & Barbeque’s sausages are available in grocery stores (such as your local H-E-B and Walmart), online, or in their two restaurants, with locations in Elgin and Bastrop. In fact, each Southside Market & Barbeque sausage is made, smoked, and packaged in the same facility in Elgin and shipped directly to customers. The company’s warehouse produces nearly two million pounds of sausage every year and provides career opportunities throughout the Hill Country at their plant and barbecue restaurant locations.

A Sausage For Every Palate

Southside Market & Barbeque is famous for their (aptly named, “Hot Guts Sausage”), , featuring a smoked sausage stuffed with jalapeño and cheese, and their , which adds a punch to your favorite recipes or stands alone as a perfect main dish. With the convenience of ordering Southside Market’s products online, it has never been easier to get a taste of the Texas Hill Country delivered directly to your door. Items are shipped via FedEx Ground or FedEx Express, so even those who live outside of the great state of Texas can have Southside Market & Barbeque’s products delivered. Are you looking for a great Texas-inspired gift idea? Southside Market offers gift sets stocked with meats, sausages, sauces, and seasonings which can be shipped directly to your friends and relatives who live out-of-town or out-of-state!

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