Southwest Airlines Hopes to Add Flights to Hawaii, Canada, Mexico

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Currently, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines carries passengers to 48 states and some international locations. Now, they’re looking to expand their offerings even further for those who love to fly in their colorful planes where you choose your own seat right before the flight.

WFAA quotes Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, “Five years from now I’d love for Southwest to be in Hawaii, serving Canada, more destinations in the Caribbean and no doubt we’ll have more flights into Mexico.”

Kelly also mentioned in the press conference that the increased inclusion of the 737 MAX plane will help the airline to flourish. The 737 MAX can fly up to 500 miles further than the rest of the planes in Southwest’s fleet, so it can provide more nonstop destinations.

In late September, when the aircraft was unveiled, Southwest’s chief operating officer Mike Van de Ven told the Star-Telegram, “It burns less fuel, requires less maintenance, produces less noise and produces less emissions than any engine in our fleet.”

Their ambitious five-year-plan of more international destinations is already underway. In the next two months, Southwest is adding flights to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale. “We’re not going to be cutting back. We’ll continue to grow,” Kelly says.