Southwest Celebrated TX Independence Day With Free Whataburger

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On the morning of Texas Independence Day, March 2nd, a man named Charlie tweeted out a true Texan dream. He said, “On On #TexasIndependenceDay @SouthwestAir should provide @Whataburger on all their flights. #MillionDollarIdea #MarketingInBed #StillThinkSo”

Whataburger noticed the tweet and responded, “That is a brilliant idea actually. Thank you for the feedback, and happy Texas Independence Day!” to which Charlie playfully replied, “thanks!! @Whataburger ball is in your court or I tell @DairyQueen to bring #Blizzard instead!! #IBetterBeOnThatFlight”

Texas dreams do come true because reports that when a Southwest flight landed at Dallas Love Field airport, a table full of Whataburger meals awaited passengers walking off the flight, thanks to Charlie’s idea. Faces lit up as the scent of fresh Whataburgers hit the nostrils of people who had been inhaling recirculated air throughout their flight.

“We were so excited to work together to provide a fresh, hot meal to brighten these customers’ days. It’s always fun to partner with other brands loved by our Texas fans, and it’s even more fun when we’re able to surprise and delight so many of our wonderful customers,” Whataburger’s VP of corporate communications told the news. Hopefully, the gesture becomes a Texas tradition.