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Woman Dragged Off a Southwest Flight After Refusing to Leave the Aircraft Due to an Allergy

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In a new video that’s spreading across the internet and news stations, a woman is dragged off of a Southwest Airlines flight. In the wake of the United Airlines fiasco where a bleeding man was pulled by his arms off of an aircraft, passengers are wary of actions taken by security officers on planes. But in this instance, there seems to be varying opinions and stories about exactly what happened.

The Baltimore Sun says that the female passenger was removed by force after complaining of a life-threatening allergy to the two animals that were on the flight. (One was a pet, and the other was an emotional support animal.) “The airline’s policy says a passenger may be denied boarding if they report a life-threatening allergic reaction without a medical certificate and cannot travel safely with an animal,” the news explains. She was asked to get off the plane and refused, wanting the animals removed instead.

NBC News writes that what happened after seemed confusing and overwhelming to passengers and the woman alike. “…an officer wraps his arms around the woman’s chest and begins to forcefully drag her down the aisle. She begins shrieking: ‘Don’t touch me! I’m walking!’” they explain.

In the news segment by CBS North Carolina below, you can see the very stressful situation, and hear how passengers felt about the incident.