2 Southwest Flights Traveling to Houston Made Emergency Landings

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In the middle of a late night Southwest flight from Atlanta to Houston, the oxygen masks above every seat on the plane suddenly dropped down. Passengers were confused and anxious as they were told to wear the masks while the plane diverted its course to land as soon as possible in Jackson, Mississippi.

ABC 13 says that officials weren’t yet sure what caused the drop in pressure when the story was reported on Wednesday. They spoke with passenger Dave Leenhouts about the ride. He said it “Felt like a big bump. Next thing you can feel the pressure building and all the oxygen masks fell, and we got instructions to put them on. The plane tipped a little bit…It was kinda scary to be honest with you.” Thankfully, passengers were able to keep calm despite the worrisome conditions.

Strangely, this was one of two times a Southwest plane heading to Houston had to make an emergency landing due to a sudden change in pressure. The second incident occurred on Wednesday. According to Southwest via WFAA, the circumstances that led up to the drop in cabin pressure were unrelated, and only one of the planes has been taken off the schedule for maintenance.