Southwest Will Begin Flying All the Way to Hawaii Next Year

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On the heels of their sale of many domestic and some international routes around the holidays this year, Southwest Airlines has another fantastic announcement to make this month. CBS News reports that Southwest will start flying to Hawaii from the mainland in the next couple of years. They plan on starting to sell tickets next year, but the status of when the flights will be and where they’ll leave from is still “up in the air,” so-to-speak. (Though it looks like flights leaving from California will be probable, and they might even offer island to island flights.)

CNN Money writes that when Southwest starts flying over to the Aloha State, what’s known as the “Southwest Effect” could very likely lower other airlines’ prices to Hawaii. “A study published by the business school at the University of Virginia earlier this year found that of 109 markets in which Southwest started service between 2012 and 2015, fares fell by an average of 15%, with nearly a third of the routes enjoying a drop of more than 20%,” the news explains.

In order to snag tickets on one of their first flights, start saving your pennies now, dreaming of pristine sandy beaches, and checking back with to see when tickets go on sale.