SpaceX Successfully Launches Rocket After Recent Explosion

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Four months ago, SpaceX suffered a setback when a rocket exploded during takeoff. Now, they’ve triumphantly launched a similar rocket which has “placed a constellation of satellites in orbit,” according to

Cheers were heard in mission control after the launch proved successful. Scientists studied the previous explosion carefully to make sure they didn’t repeat the same mistake. Reports say the root of the issue was a defective helium tank.

The Falcon 9 flew into space from California and carried ten brand new satellites for Iridium Communications Inc. to update their global network. It only took an hour after the launch for the satellites to be released into orbit. The company will need six more SpaceX launches to reach their goal of having 70 new satellites circulating earth.

One of the most incredible feats SpaceX tackles is making their boosters reusable to cut down on costs and production time. The booster during this mission has already returned to the Port of Los Angeles after landing on a platform in the water. The Washington Post says spectators watched as it reached the shore. Onlooker Justin Everhart called it “a testament to human achievement.”

Beginning of today's successful mission to launch 10 communications satellites to low Earth orbit.

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