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This Tire Rim Grill DIY is Perfect for Unusable Spare Tires

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One man received an ill-fitting spare tire with the purchase of his new truck, so he decided to upcycle it into a tire rim grill.

On Instructables, we seem to find the wackiest DIY projects. However, they always seem to be useful and this was one of the coolest we’ve seen yet. He included steps for this DIY project, essentially making it foolproof.

To begin, you’ll have to remove the rim from the rubber of the tire. This will probably be your most difficult step. After removing it, the user took his rim to a local shot blasting facility to remove the rust.

Next, he took a trip to Home Depot to gather his supplies. He formed the pipes for heat and painted the grill with a high-heat spray variety designed for grills.

Crafting the base from wood planks, he ensured that the bottom of the grill would be heavier than the tire top to support the weight. He added wheels and voila! A beautiful grill is born.

We bet he can’t wait to get some serious Texas brisket smoking on that grill to flavor it up.