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Houston SPCA Rescues 80 Miniature Horses From Abusive Situation

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“We don’t know to what degree the level of pain the animals are in…Our objective is to come in and protect those who don’t have voice,” SPCA Spokesperson Julie Kuenstle told Click2Houston.com following their rescue of a cow, two donkeys, and a staggering 80 miniature horses.

As of right now, the animals are receiving medical care from numerous veterinarians, and a hearing next week will decide whether or not the animals return to their owner or become part of the SPCA’s property in Hempstead. According to the news, some of the horses were show horses, but the owner says the operation grew too large for them to handle.

The Houston SPCA wrote about the rescue on their Facebook page and included photos that will make any animal lover’s heart shatter. The sweet creatures look incredibly ill and malnourished with a lack of muscles and their bones showing through their skin. “The horses are emaciated and suffering from a variety of medical issues including lameness and overgrown hooves. They’ve had no access to fresh water, and many are having difficulty breathing,” they stated along with a link to donate to help with their efforts.